Love Notes To My Daughter

Love Notes To My Daughter:  10/28/2010, by Joseph C. Sefron.

10/28:  You inherited my eyes.   I am grateful God allowed at least one of my best features to become part of you.  LOL.

10/27:  Sometimes I know I am not the greatest example of how a father should act so I pray that you will accept my human limitations and always lean into your Heavenly Father, for he is perfect and can guide you along your path when I get confused.

10/26:   You are awesome!  Believing is Seeing!

10/25:  I remember the first day you said “Da-Da.”   It was the same day we sang “e-i-e-i-o” together when I was feeding you your lunch!  Amazing.

10/21:  You are worth fighting every battle for.  You are worth dying for.  You are worth more to me than any worldly trinket.  I love you!

10/20:  I remember the first time I stared into your eyes.  It was only then that I knew the true meaning of unconditional love. 

10/19:  You must always remember that you are worth fighting for and that no man that does not realize that is not worthy of your love.  -Dad

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